Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miniature Dress Forms

Hi Friends, I have managed to work in a little creative time lately and have been working on miniature dress forms for our miniature club here in town. We each take turns leading the projects each month and it is my turn for September's meeting. So, this is what I have come up with. The bodice is made from vintage seam binding and a length of lace gathered for the skirt. I used fine needlepoint canvas to make the hat by cutting a sqaure of the canvas and wetting it. I slipped it over the "ball" of a ball peen hammer and held it with a small rubber band until it dried and trimmed it up. It turned out pretty cute I think.

This one is a little more shabby with bits and bobs of old trims and lace. I molded the form from sculpy and the stand is a cabinet knob.

Another cabinet knob, this will be the base for our project, but I painted some of them all oil rubbed bronze and left some pink so the gals would have a choice.

I can't give credit for this lovely ladies, I had used them for inspiration and they were in my picture file.

So pretty, aren't they?

I am getting better and faster with my job as medical transcriptionist, which is so much better for the creative side of my life! :-) I HAVE to HAVE
some time to create, or I get really unhappy..... I'm sure you all know what I mean.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Till next time, hopefully soon....

Singing His Praises,