Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Powder Room changes!!

It was time to make some changes in the powder room bath after living here 8 yrs.  This bath was not functioning the best because of a mistake in the design.  I had always been frustrated that the person who drew up the plans and also we, did not realize there was a problem before the house was framed in.  The bath called for a regular door, but after everything was finished,......oops, the door did not clear the toilet to store along the that meant you had to go all the way in, shut the door back to get to the toilet.  Just awkward and I did not like the way it looked from the hall.  As it happened, we did have several pocket doors installed in our house and it turned out there was one too many ordered.  We could not return it as it had already been painted, so we stored it away in the basement these past years.

My man decided in January that he was ready to tackle tearing out the wall and installing a pocket door inside, so I was more than ready to say yes!!

So began the process.......

When I painted the bath, I did it in a rag roll sponge type of finish with a light yellow base and then different glaces of blush, sage green, umber, etc, were sponged over in areas and corners to give it a Tuscan feel.  I really did like it, but since the walls were coming out and new wallboard was going up, I decided a change was in order.  This time I thought gray!  I wanted something that would look good with the antique oak dresser/vanity we had retrofitted to put in there.  I purchased this piece at a garage sale and it was the perfect size.  The drawers were altered to accommodate the plumbing...  The mirror that came with it was pretty ornate, but worked just fine in the design. 

The room is about 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.

This pic is of the hallway leading to the bath.  It is long and we made it extra wide.  Now, I know what you are thinking.... what is that striping?  Well, soon after we had moved in.....I thought I might try rag-rolled strips in an off-white glaze over the sage green in the hall.  Well, I only made it half way done the hall on one side before I wasn't sure I liked it and then the discussion came up about eventually putting in a pocket door on the bathroom inside of a swinging door.  Well, that cinched it, I wasn't going to proceed with the stripes.....They are a LOT OF WORK and I wasn't sure I like it that well. This pic shows my cut in before re-rolling it in the green.

So, I have lived with a half striped hallway on one side for several years.  Surprisingly, not many people ask why the stripes suddenly stop, I guess they are just being polite.....Oh well, I digress....

So, the whole side of the hallway got another coat of the same green.  I love this green.  It goes with everything!!  "Dried Grass" from Walmart.  I think it is now called August Dried Grass.  It is a real good neutral color and looks really nice with the oak trim we have, which I might add looks like it is here to stay in the hall at least.  I am working on the man about some other areas of the house.....Shhhhh!  I really love white trim so much better.....

Okay, ready for the reveal??

I had this wall grille that I decided would look good over the toilet and it fit just perfectly.  The wreath is one I  made for my Mom and it came back to my house to live when we emptied her house.  I got the basket from Walmart!

I love how it looks in the mirror.  New hand towels in gold from Target.  Love the ribs on them.

I hung two of my favorite pictures with verses over and under the shelf I had have had for years.  Have to be a little careful hanging things on these two opposite walls as there are pocket doors in both of them now.  The other pocket door leads into another bathtub area that is part of the guestroom bath, Kind of a Jack and Jill set up.

This old lithograph is one of my very favorite things.  It is water stained and has some tears, but I don't care.....Isn't it just gorgeous?  I got it many years ago at the White Cloud flea market.  It had rained at the fair and that is when it got wet.  The vendor was anxious to get rid of it I think.  I knew I could live with the water stain...

A new rug that was perfect from Kohls with my 30% off on top of the sale price!!

A closeup of an assemblage that was Beth's class at Karla's Birdsong last year!!  Yes, I finally got it done!!  It takes me sooooo long to think about things and where I want them to be.  I am so pleased with the way it turned out though!! and it was so much FUN!!  I will miss getting to attend this year's event in June, hopefully I will get to go again in coming years if possible.  

Do I look better in this picture??  No toothache and a little more sleep will do wonders for a woman!! 

Thanks for your patience.  I hope I didn't bore you with all the pictures!!.

By the way, the color I chose for the walls is BM AC-34 Cape Hatteras Sand.  I had it mixed in Walmart's Best Glidden Primer in one.  It is good paint.  The color is something between gray and beige, but on the wall it just looks gray to me with a very small hint of a blue,  which is why it is so complimented by the gold colors in the accessories I think.

I got a new light fixture for the vanity, a 4 light instead of a 2 light.  It was just too dim in there for me!!  I didn't feel too guilty as the one that was there, I had gotten off the clearance rack at K-Mart for $7.00, it had paid its rent. That, and the ceiling fan light fixture having 2 bulbs makes it so much brighter, and brighter ALWAYS makes me happy!!

Thanks for visiting!!

I'm singing His Praises!!!