Monday, November 4, 2013

Farewell to the Porch

Hi sweet friends!!  Hope I still have some of you out there.  Sharing a few photos of our screened porch.

Saying "till we meet again" to this little sweet space off the kitchen.....The temps are turning colder, and everyday there are fewer and fewer leaves on the trees.  The Fall season here this year has been so breathtakingly beautiful, I just really hate to see it end!!  This year just seems to have flown by.

                     I been away for a while, just so many things occupying my time it seems....... I worked most of the summer on two projects:  Decorations for our ladies retreat at church the last part of September, and then my Harvest Home Open House on Oct 12.  Both projects required many hours of creating, shopping, building, painting, etc and that is about all I really accomplished this summer!!!

Would you believe I really didn't take any pictures?  Yeah, I know, dumb, right?  I think I was just too tired ;)!!  I did take a few pics of some of the items at the open house I will show you later.

I made some new covers for my vintage rocker and settee on the porch this summer and really enjoyed them.  I now have room for the rocker because I finally realized that my little vintage porcelain stove was taking up valuable real estate and I would get more benefit from having another chair out there, so I SOLD it....... yes friends, I sold my little stove to a friend who absolutely loves it too and will take good care of it I know.  I have enjoyed it for many, many years, but I am realizing more everyday that I must begin to pare things down a bit around here!!
Isn't it a beaut?  Just so very cute and sweet!!
The front porch for my open house, notice the clever taping of a new crack in our sidewalk......
....I love the Fall and wish it would last twice as long as it does, but looks like that is not to be......Christmas this year will be a little different for me as I am having some knee surgery at the beginning of the I am doing only a little decorating and working on it now. 
Hope to show you my results soon....thanks for not giving up on me sweet friends, I really appreciate you visiting me here!!!
Hope you are all enjoying the beauty and blessing of Fall in your homes also.  It is truly a gift, isn't it?
Singing His Praises,