Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let the Son Shine In

Hello friends and family,
I don't have a lot to post today. My husband's father passed away on Friday and since then we have been on the go, getting all the arrangements finalized. Since the services will be out of town it meant we had to travel also to get it all done, but it was only a couple of hours away so for that we are grateful. His passing did not come as a great surprise as he had become weaker and weaker in the past six months. He was ready to go to his Heavenly Father. What a wonderful peace when you know your loved one is now in the arms of Jesus! He had been a wonderful husband to one woman for 63 years and a loving father to his three children , grandfather to nine and great-grandfather to 17. He worked hard to provide for his family and was always kind and eager to help anyone in need. Through the years, he had helped us do so many projects with our home, fencing, building a house, working on vehicles, putting in a yard, so many things. His greeting to me was always, "Well hello beautiful!" It always made me feel good. We will miss his kind spirit and mischievous pranks and teasing. He and my mother-in-law had made all their plans in advance for their deaths. Funeral plans and cemetery plots, music, pallbearers, pastor, everything. It made a hard time so much easier for us setting it all in motion. What a wonderful gift to leave to your family! We have some plans to make of our own to make it easier for our children as well. Most of all, though, He made his plans as to where he would spend eternity, something only each of us can do for ourselves. No one can do it for us. It is cloudy and overcast today and for the forecast the day of the service, but we know that the SON always shines for those that know Him. I love the early morning sun in our bedroom and will share a picture. Is the Son shining in your heart today?? I hope so. Have a blessed Sunday.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Show me your Heart

Hi Friends, sorry it's been so long since my last post, I have been trying to figure out how to get my pics to load right and be able to get text in between. I am not very good at this stuff and without the help of Dawn at The Feathered Nest (THANK YOU DAWN!!") and my darling husband, it wouldn't have happened. But hopefully I'll get better with each post. I thought it would be fun to go through my house and see how many hearts I could find to show and tell. I found more than I realized I had. Here are a few for you to see: First, is a tiny mother-of-pearl pin I bought many years ago with a wire name on it and a tiny shell hanging off of it on a little chain. The name is Cera. I thought it was so beautiful even if I didn't know anyone by that name.

This is the cover of a photo album that will hold all our children's wedding pictures. It was fun to do. I just have to finish putting it all together by covering the spine of the album with the fabric.This is the cover of a photo album that will hold all our children's wedding pictures. It was fun to do. I just have to finish putting it all together by covering the spine of the album with the fabric.

This little heart is made out of buttons stitched on a piece of felt. I made it several years ago and have enjoyed wearing it.

This stone- like heart is one of my favorite things and I've had it several years. I love the cherub angel at the top and it also has a key inserted in it, where I usually hang a tassel.

These little blue and white heart dishes came in a set I got several years ago at Kirklands. I decided to set them on easel and put them under glass cloches on my sideboard.

This heart ornament was given to me by my sweet daughter-in-law Rebecca, I keep it out all year hanging from a lamp in my bedroom next to our wedding picture.

This rock was given to me by my granddaughter Missy K when she was between 2 or 3 years old. She said, "Look Grandma, it's a heart just like I love you!" My heart just melted, and it's a moment in time I will never forget. So precious! If you look closely, you can see what looks like veins in the rock. It's a treasure to me.

This plaque I found at Hobby Lobby and it has my favorite verse and the name of my floral business and now the name of my blog. I love it.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my hearts. It was surprising how many I found! Look around and see what you have. Have a wonderfull and peaceful Sunday. Linda

Create in me a pure heart, Oh God."
Ps 51:10

Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Little Girl to love

Hello friends, Just wanted to let you know we have a New Granddaughter in our family! She was born January 9, and weighed in at 8lbs. 1oz. I think I'll be calling her baby Z for short. She has a very unusual name but it is very pretty. She has a little bit of reddish hair just like her big sisters did. She has 3 big sisters and of course they are so excited about helping with her. The green monster might make an appearance this week I fear but I'm sure it will work itself out. Mommy is doing well but needs a full night's sleep which may not happen any time soon. Do you remember when there were specific visiting hours at hospitals? Not necessarily a bad thing. At times the hospital room looked like grand central. Anyway, we are blessed with this healthy new baby born to our son and daughter in law. They are thankful as our we. I feel so blessed to have all these little girls in our lives! This brings the number to eight and there could possibly be more.! I get to do lots of girl things with them. My DH loves it too.

A few pictures:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Fresh Pallet

I have been working getting all the Christmas decorations down and put away. Not the most fun job, at least not as fun as putting it all up. I have so many boxes and tubs of decorations. When it's all bare again, then I see more work. Cleaning that needs to be done. (Those little spiders have sure been busy while we were celebrating haven't they? Closets that need to be weeded out. (How many sizes do I need in there?) Clean out the fridge. (What did you find growing in yours?) Laundry and ironing (yes, I still do that) Cooking, (We're out of frozen pizzas) and reorganizing my studio so I can walk in there. It's such a mess. I want to get it cleaned up so I can work on something creative. The new year always inspires me to try new things and get organized. This sentiment may only last a month so I have to make hay.
While I was taking stuff off the tree, my darling husband was doing this: Ha! He deserved it, He usually has to work on Sunday afternoons so he got to enjoy the football games. Then he got a workout carrying all the boxes downstairs. How I love him! Well, I'm trying to load a picture and can't seem to get it. Sorry, maybe next time.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Still enjoying Christmas

I thought I would share a few pictures of my Christmas decorations before I start taking everything down tomorrow. Why is it always so much more fun to put up than to take down? Christmas seemed to come so fast this year. It's hard to believe we are now in 2009. But I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me in the coming year. Onward and upward!!

A New Beginning

This is my first post on my blog. I am new to the blog world, discovering it by accident last summer. Since then, I have enjoyed so many of your blogs, meeting new friends and faces. I was amazed that there are so many people who, just like me, love to decorate with thrift store finds, junk treasures and hand-made items. My home is truly precious to me and my desire is for it to be a place of sanctuary for all those who live here and visit. What a wonderful blessing it is to have a home to make your own and to share it with others. My love of decorating has been with me from the time I was young, embellishing, re-arranging, designing always with vision in my heart for what it would look like. I look forward to sharing my projects and desires with all of you and pray maybe I can inspire some of you with my experiences.

I am a real amateur at this computer thing, so be patient as I learn what I am doing. I will be sharing pictures of my home, garden, and re-finishing projects. A designer at heart, my projects include florals, painting, doll-house miniatures, Old World Santas and antiques.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who encourages me everyday to create and is my rock. We were blessed with three sons to raise. They grew up and found the beautiful girls that the Lord had for them. Now we are grandparents of seven and counting granddaughters!! Could like be better? Till next time. Live creatively! And Happy New Year to each of you. May you all experience the Lord's blessing through 2009!