Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let the Son Shine In

Hello friends and family,
I don't have a lot to post today. My husband's father passed away on Friday and since then we have been on the go, getting all the arrangements finalized. Since the services will be out of town it meant we had to travel also to get it all done, but it was only a couple of hours away so for that we are grateful. His passing did not come as a great surprise as he had become weaker and weaker in the past six months. He was ready to go to his Heavenly Father. What a wonderful peace when you know your loved one is now in the arms of Jesus! He had been a wonderful husband to one woman for 63 years and a loving father to his three children , grandfather to nine and great-grandfather to 17. He worked hard to provide for his family and was always kind and eager to help anyone in need. Through the years, he had helped us do so many projects with our home, fencing, building a house, working on vehicles, putting in a yard, so many things. His greeting to me was always, "Well hello beautiful!" It always made me feel good. We will miss his kind spirit and mischievous pranks and teasing. He and my mother-in-law had made all their plans in advance for their deaths. Funeral plans and cemetery plots, music, pallbearers, pastor, everything. It made a hard time so much easier for us setting it all in motion. What a wonderful gift to leave to your family! We have some plans to make of our own to make it easier for our children as well. Most of all, though, He made his plans as to where he would spend eternity, something only each of us can do for ourselves. No one can do it for us. It is cloudy and overcast today and for the forecast the day of the service, but we know that the SON always shines for those that know Him. I love the early morning sun in our bedroom and will share a picture. Is the Son shining in your heart today?? I hope so. Have a blessed Sunday.

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