Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Beginning

This is my first post on my blog. I am new to the blog world, discovering it by accident last summer. Since then, I have enjoyed so many of your blogs, meeting new friends and faces. I was amazed that there are so many people who, just like me, love to decorate with thrift store finds, junk treasures and hand-made items. My home is truly precious to me and my desire is for it to be a place of sanctuary for all those who live here and visit. What a wonderful blessing it is to have a home to make your own and to share it with others. My love of decorating has been with me from the time I was young, embellishing, re-arranging, designing always with vision in my heart for what it would look like. I look forward to sharing my projects and desires with all of you and pray maybe I can inspire some of you with my experiences.

I am a real amateur at this computer thing, so be patient as I learn what I am doing. I will be sharing pictures of my home, garden, and re-finishing projects. A designer at heart, my projects include florals, painting, doll-house miniatures, Old World Santas and antiques.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who encourages me everyday to create and is my rock. We were blessed with three sons to raise. They grew up and found the beautiful girls that the Lord had for them. Now we are grandparents of seven and counting granddaughters!! Could like be better? Till next time. Live creatively! And Happy New Year to each of you. May you all experience the Lord's blessing through 2009!

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