Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Fresh Pallet

I have been working getting all the Christmas decorations down and put away. Not the most fun job, at least not as fun as putting it all up. I have so many boxes and tubs of decorations. When it's all bare again, then I see more work. Cleaning that needs to be done. (Those little spiders have sure been busy while we were celebrating haven't they? Closets that need to be weeded out. (How many sizes do I need in there?) Clean out the fridge. (What did you find growing in yours?) Laundry and ironing (yes, I still do that) Cooking, (We're out of frozen pizzas) and reorganizing my studio so I can walk in there. It's such a mess. I want to get it cleaned up so I can work on something creative. The new year always inspires me to try new things and get organized. This sentiment may only last a month so I have to make hay.
While I was taking stuff off the tree, my darling husband was doing this: Ha! He deserved it, He usually has to work on Sunday afternoons so he got to enjoy the football games. Then he got a workout carrying all the boxes downstairs. How I love him! Well, I'm trying to load a picture and can't seem to get it. Sorry, maybe next time.

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