Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Studio ~ Where I Create

Hi Friends! Today I'm participating in Karen Valentine's party Where Bloggers Create. For a complete list of all the girls who are joining in, click HERE. There are soooo many beautiful spaces to enjoy. So, get yourself a glass of something good, and join in the fun! Thank you Karen, for coming up with this great idea for all to share in! We all have a space where we get creative. Some of us have large spaces and some not so large, but each is special in it's own way to the artist who inhabits it. I will share pictures of my space with you. It's not huge but very adequate and a sunny room to be in, which I love. As you enter the door, this is the view you see.
My "unfinished" dollhouse is front and center, seems I never get around to working on it. It's on the "someday" list.

My bookcases are old laminate pieces that I painted at the beginning of the year and like them so much more now. The room is painted a spring green. I've decided that green must be my favorite color as I am always drawn to it. The color is brighter than it appears.
The large platter is begging for the word "CREATE" inside. I'm going to spell it out with green pearl beads when I get around to it. My neighbor gave me the wicker dress form.

Some of my favorite postcards and scripture cards.

An old spool cabinet that I've had for many years. I kept my jewerly in it, so it was way more than half empty! Ha. One day I decided to move it into the studio to hold all sorts of little things. It works great!

One of the Santas I have made. This one is a "Kansas Santa." He has the "Wizard of OZ" characters in the pack on his back.

Most everything happens at this work table, found at the Goodwill. I have a beautiful view to the Southwest, lots of trees and flowers under my window.

Hankies on clips for a window valance.

This door leads to my closet.

Closeup of my little dolls and bears. I keep my m-o-p buttons in this apothecary jar.

This doll and case was all made by a doll artist named Betsy Rouse. It's one of my very favorite things.

This is my sewing machine cabinet. I still need to get it painted white to match everything else. The quilt hanging was a very special gift from a dear friend. I just love it.

The remaining wall with countertop sitting on 2 old treadle sewing machine bases. I made a skirt to hang between them. The curio and small chest were painted out to match and stacked.

Another project in the "waiting room" is the large white frame. I want to put a tack board in it and cover it with a plum colored fabric. I may put chicken wire over that, not sure at this point. For now, I hung a little baby dress and an old print I love.

A box I put together.

I found this rack at the Goodwill, it perfectly holds 12x12 scrapbook paper.

A miniature Store window I put together many years ago.

Oops, Santa again!

This is a Christmas room I have been working on. It will fit in an 8x10 frame and hang on the wall.
Two recent miniature projects.

A "Victorian Bedroom" done many years ago.

"Sort of" organized closet.

A wooden plate I did a few years ago. I love how things look against a black background! Well, that's probably way more than you wanted to see! I love having this space and am so grateful for it. I feeds my creative spirit and helps me forget the cares of this world when I'm in there. I am fairly new to the blogging world, but have enjoyed it so much and gained so many friends from it. I FOUND MY PEOPLE, is how I like to say it!! Thank you for visiting, I hope you will come again. Now, go and see all the other wonderful spaces!
Be Blessed, my friends,


  1. Chocked full of all your tresures it truely is a wonderfully creative retreat.

  2. Whoa lovely. I am enjoying not only where creative people create, but what they collect! Lovely room and great collection!

  3. What a great space. I love the wicker dress form, the vintage spool cabinet and your miniatures! That dollhouse looks fabulous and I'm sure you'll get around to it someday soon! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  4. Love it! and Your miniatures... Oh my!!! Lovely!!!!

  5. Wow! Love the spool cabinet! So glad you joined the party so I could find you! Great Space! Thanks, for sharing! Hugz, Z

  6. What a great space. The dolls house immediately got my attention. Really like the cabinet (you used for jewelry) with all the little things in it - what a treasure box. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful and inspiring! hugs

  8. Your organized studio is just so pretty. PRETTY!!!
    I loved visiting and hope you'll have the chance to stop by and say hi to me.
    Hugs from Blogland!

  9. Love your blog and your beautiful creative space....especially your dolls! I have become a follower. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Really really great! Where do I start! I think the same thing I found my people too!

    The hankie curtains? Darling.
    Spool Cabinet? Want one.
    Empty frame with dress? Inspired.
    Exceptional Organization? I want to be you.
    Miniatures? Very fun.
    Santa? glad to see it twice.
    Box with birdies in it? LOVE it.
    White platter on the wall? Can't wait to see it done.

    Ok I am hooked and will be back!

  11. I am dripping with inspiration after visiting all of you wonderful ladies and your amazing rooms. I will be looking at everything differently now. No tin can , will ever hold just beans again

  12. love the touches of plum, love the hanky valance and I love the quilt. I started a doll house like that for my daughter 37 years ago. I never finished it. Your's is much furture along.

  13. This is just the sweetest space! The doll house bridal dress is just wonderful as is the room that surrounds it. You have so many fun collections, thank you for sharing them. Have a sweet weekend!

  14. Love the DollHouse. Your space looks so inviting! Love all your pretty things. The Ribbon Spool organizer is so great. You have really put things together so well. It is a great place with lovely treasures.. Keep Creating!

  15. What a FUN space! I love that cabinet you used to keep your jewelry in. It's perfect in there and I bet I could spend an hour just pawing through that alone! So many things to look at! So many nooks and crannies to explore. What fun that would be!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Some Days Are Diamonds

  16. Oh Linda!!! Your space is beautiful!!! I love that you painted the veneer piece, I did the exact same thing and now I love them ~ so many wonderful treasures you have surrounding's so neat that you have a large closet to store things in too! Thank you so much for visiting me and your kind words Linda ~ xxoo, Dawn

  17. Beautiful space, Linda! Very inspiring to us all! Thank you ever so much for sharing part of your private space and life.

    Now I'm off to dream!


  18. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful studio with us. There are so many wonderful things to look at! You have really helped to make todays party special!

    My Desert Cottage

  19. What a cheerful place in which to create! LOVE that old spool cabinet!!
    I didn't get my studio photographed for today's event, but I will be hosting a Christmas in July giveaway on my blog tomorrow (Sat), if you'd like to stop by!

  20. ok, Your miniatures are totally awesome pieces of art. I love old spool cabinets and yours is super! My head is spinning with inspirational movtivation! I am having hot flashes again today. But this is such a blast.

  21. I loved to have a peek in your creative rooms, especially the dolls house. It all is gorgeous I just don't know where to start. I love that spool cabinet, oh in fact I love everything and every single doll you have in there too. You must be a happy girl (or be very ashamed!). Have a lovely day filled with inspiration from other bloggers!

  22. Your creative space is fantastic. I love all your antique treasures. I beleive you collect about as much as I do. I have really enjoyed your space.
    Jean in Virginia

  23. What agreat space, Love all your wonderful collections!

  24. Oh, I just love it all! Everything is just CUTE!

  25. Your room looks like such a fun place to come play in! I love your platter idea and the spool table. What a fun and wonderful space!

    Cathy ♥

  26. Your room is beautiful. I LOVE your miniature creations. I have always wanted to decorate a dollhouse. Maybe someday...


  27. Linda, your space is incredible!! I used to collect miniatures for a dollhouse that is now my daughter's. Your room is so inspiring. Every nook and cranny holds something. I LOVE it!

  28. Hi Linda,
    Your space is fabulous! I adore your darling miniatures and that dollhouse is amazing!
    Thanks for the tour.

  29. Wow! Is that vintage spool cabinet fantastic, or what??? Love it! What a beautifully creative space you live in! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at this lovely event; please do stop by for a visit soon!

    Enjoy the party!

    Warm Wishes,


  30. Hello Linda,

    That Royal Society cabinet is over the top!! Oh my, that would look so good in my studio..hahaha

    Your studio is just so well organized and all the pieces work well together. I love picking up furniture pieces from the thrift stores. There's nothing better than giving them a new life.

    My studio is "in progress" as I've just recently moved to my new home in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I do hope you'll visit to see my progress so far. Maybe by the end of September it'll be put together. I have big plans of decoupaging sewing pattern tissue to my walls as a foundation layer then add MUCH more vintage stuff layered over it.

    I've enjoyed my visit so much. Drop by anytime!

  31. What a great place full of treasures and creativity. How fun to spend time here. Come by and visit my studio at:

    I am lovin' this party!

  32. Oh I do love your creative space and details for craft projects. So many great ideas for organizing and having fun! Wonderful! Inspiring! Come visit me too!

  33. Oooohhh so much to see and take in. What a lovely creative space!

  34. Hi Linda
    Thanks for stopping by today, your space is fabulous, I love the wicker dress form and all your collections.
    Thanks for sharing

  35. What a beautiful studio you have :) I love all the minitures you have and all those beautiful dolls. The doll house well, all I can say is wow :) What I would give for that divided drawer with all those lil dolls and parts :) Thank you for sharing. Rose :)

  36. Love the hankie valance, your vintage postcards, and your spool cabinet. Your creative space is truely charmed and and refreshing place to visit.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  37. Hi Linda! your space is quite amazing to see, and I don't think there were too many pictures. I loved seeing all of your sweet things.
    :) Missy

  38. Ohhhh Linda, I'm in studio heaven, IT'S GORGEOUS!! And as for that wonderful Spool Cabinet.... I'm in love with it!!! Thank you so much for showing your amazing space. Mandy x

  39. Just darling...and comforting your space is...thanks so much for letting me stop for a visit...

    visit me at:

  40. Your creative space is beautiful - I love the dolls and miniatures you have done. I would love to just sit in your room and look around. I can tell you have a great faith - and peace - it shows. Hugs, Patti

  41. Lovely blog. I was especially drawn to the dollhouse and miniatures. I recently rescued my childhood dollhouse and am beginning to renovate it Jane Austen style. Even the room behing me in my blog header is actually from a miniature museum in Chicago.
    I love your creative space!

  42. The dollhouse is so fabulous and I love the lavender and white colors together. I think I will just move right into the doll house it is so wonderful.

  43. Thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet comments on my studio space. I do enjoy sharing the space with my daughter and will miss her when she moves out in the near future. I am hoping to lure her back home from time to time to play in there.

  44. that spool cabinet is just the best!

  45. Love the doll house and miniatures!

    yapping cat

  46. What a cute space you have!
    I love it!


  47. Linda, still getting around checking out all of the creative spaces. :-) What a beautiful spot you have for all of your creations. Your minatures are amazing. I have a dollhouse my father made for me that is in desperate need of repair. Also one of my "someday" projects. Thank you for sharing.

  48. You have a wonderful creative space. I love the antique spool cabinet and you have so many amazing treasures. Love it!

  49. Beautiful! I was especially drawn to that delicious spool cabinet. Glorious piece...I also adored how you expressed the connection you've found in blogging as "having found my people!"

    I hope you'll do some close up posts of some of your dollies and such as it looks like you have some great stuff stashed in that room!


  50. Hi Linda, I have enjoyed peeking into your creative space. It is wonderful and I bet you feel like your in heaven when in there. Thanks your minatures..sally

  51. A beautiful space full of lots of fabulous eye candy! All organized so lovely I might add!
    Thanks for a lovely tour of your space!
    bunny hugs,

  52. How charming your space is, sweetpea! I'm still getting around to all the "where bloggers create" participants. Yikes, it's taking a long time for me. Why doesn't life suspend when I want to do what I WANT to do, chickee! Nice to meet you and it truly is inviting....

  53. My favorite thing in your studio is the sign on the back of your door. I like the music on your blog, too.

  54. Thank you so much for sharing your space. I'm just starting on mine...the dejunking part that I hate. I love to junk too! My favorite piece in your studio is the Royal Society cabinet. It is gorgeous! I love this music; it goes so well with your blog. "You raise me up."