Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunshine in the Morning

Happy Friday everyone! I have been pretty busy doing other things beside creating, so I am just going to show you more pictures of our home. This is the master bedroom and it is so pretty in the morning! Even better in the winter, when the sun comes in at a lower angle. We have a king-sized mattress on a queen-size bed, Yes you can do that. We just put the bed on a hollywood frame and fastened the headboard and footboard to that. And I don't think it looks bad at all. The walls are two colors of scarlet red, one brighter and one darker. The brighter color went on first and the other color (with glaze added) was rolled on and ragged off. Old baby diapers work great for this! I finally found a comforter I liked and have it on now, but alot of the time I use a beautiful king-sized hand crocheted spread that my mother (bless her) made for me. It is a treasure. The curtain panels are Waverly and I bought them way before we even started on the house because I loved the colors and I love flowers. They have a vintage look I think. I decided to combine them with bamboo shades from Target.
Our three daughter-in-laws hold a prime place on the wall on my side of the bed.

This is on around the room to the right. A cozy reading spot. The wicker chair is very old, but in great shape. I found the needlepoint cat at a flea market and made it into a pillow.

I'm looking for the perfect mirror to go here. Probably round. The dresser had an attached mirror, but I took it off because I thought it looked too country.
The tall glass and brass box hold favorite pieces of jewelry, so I can see them all the time. I used the base from a silverplate chafing dish to elevate a silver tray to hold various pretty things. All of this sits on another silver tray.

The other side of the bed. I made the memory box after our 25th wedding anniverysary reception. On the wall, a favorite Sandy Lynam Clough print.

Okay, this area needs work. Ha. There's a little dust inside. Mostly it holds books, pictures and the small TV. I have thought about painting or papering the inside to make it pop more.
Well that's it. Hope you all have a great weekend. Summer is fleeting by! It is hot here this week, we have been spoiled by all the previous cool July! Hope to have three of our granddaughters here next week before they start school.
Blessings to you all,


  1. What beautiful peaceful spaces, Linda! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is gorgeous - I also display my vintage rhinestone brooches in a glass cabinet.

  3. An absolutely beautiful room! I love the colors!

    Cathy ♥