Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kitchen Renovation in progress

This is the result of several long weekends at my Mom's house. She has needed a kitchen re-do for many years and we finally decided to just START! The cabinets were made by my Dad in the early 50s and were built to last. However, through the years, styles have changed and things were looking a little depressing, don't you think?
. Since the cabinets have such sentimental value to the family, we decided also because of a low budget, to add trim to the doors and paint them all. This took some persuading, but finally she agreed to let us start the process. My DH cut strips of 1/4" MDF and put on each door to resemble a shaker style. Then they were all painted. We live about 2-1/2 hrs away, so every time we've been to see her recently, we brought home doors or drawers to work on. Finally we have them all complete on this side of the. room.Our task this last weekend was to take out the countertop which had been covered with red lineoleum and metal trim. Very fashionable in 1954!!! and replace it with a stock formica countertop and add a new sink. It was a task, but went very well.

We then added a backsplash of beadboard which will travel all the way around the room.
Several layers of wallpaper need to be removed so we can paint the top third a pretty robin's egg blue-green color. The wallpaper is my sister's job. My two brothers will be removing cabinets on the other side of the room to make way for turning the fridge and building a banquette for dining. Also a new laminate floor is waiting to be laid down over the old gray floor tiles. So, several more trips to go before it's all done, but I thought I'd show you a glimpse of the project. It's amazing what just painting the cabinets has done to make the room a happier place to be.

There is always SOMETHING that can be done to give a room a new look and it doesn't always have to cost a lot. We purchased the drawer and door pulls in oil rubbed bronze at Walmart and they look very smart! Hope to show you more photos soon. Everyone have great weekend. We are having all our kids and grandchildren here on Saturday to send off our youngest son and daughter in love to Louisiana. I dread it, but they must go where the job takes them at this point. I just wish they didn't have to take the little 2 yr. old with them!!!!! ha. Blessings my friends, Linda


  1. Oh, I love the pretty white cabinets. They look wonderful and so are the counters. You've done such a wonderful job. Hugs, Marty

  2. What an absolutely lovely makeover! I love the pretty white cabinets with the black hardware (of course!)and so nice you could update these special old cupboards for your mother.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  3. Wonderful results,,,white is such a great color! Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment today. God Bless you!

  4. Hi there! I came by way of Marcie at Rustin Victorian. Love your kitchen makeover...I'm trying to decide on countertops, and like the look of yours with the white cabinets. Great job, looking forward to the completed project!

    God bless!


  5. Hi Linda!
    First I just wanted to say thank you for coming by and leaving me your sweet words of encouragement.
    Second.. this kitchen makeover is amazing!!! I have been begging my husband to let me paint the cabinets in my kitchen for a year or more. The are much newer than your folks and are made of oak so, my DH was not budging. Well he finally agreed to let me paint the center panel in each one as a compromise. I'll take it!!! So I am now in the process of a kitchen makeover as we speak. I'll post when I'm done. Have a great week!
    My Desert Cottage