Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still looking a lot like Christmas!!!

Okay, so this is how our tree looked the evening of the 25th. All ready for our kids and grands to come the next day to celebrate!!!
And this my friends is how our tree looked on January 1, 2010!!!. That's right, it's just the same!! You see, we had a mysterious visitor come to our house on the evening of Christmas and it wasn't SANTA CLAUS!!! No, girls it was Mr. Stomach Flu who came calling, and he left us both sick as dogs for almost a week!! Oh my, this will be a Christmas to remember and not for good reasons!!!! I seriously thought of just packing it all away for next year. Then I could say I was all ready for Christmas of 2010 in January!! But, I guess that really wouldn't really be fair to the granddaughters. We will hopefully get together with of family next weekend.
I have already started taking down stuff and packing it away, except for the big tree, which I will leave for another week or so. It feels good to kind of start putting it all away. This Christmas arrived way before I was ready this year, and the weeks of December just seemed to fly right by. My mother always told me it would be like this and I didn't believe her!!!
I have the "urge to purge" ( maybe symptoms left from the flu)!! Ha. But It is time to go through stuff and weed out what I don't just LOVE and pass on the rest to someone else. I have never liked the word Downsize..... it sounds like I'm ready for the assisted living center or something, but I do feel that eventually the possessions of life can sometimes FEEL like they own us and weigh us down. Is anyone else wrestling with these feelings also? I mean, I really love my Junk, I really do!!! A lot of my friends cannot relate to my love of JUNK anyway, so this is difficult to describe, but I KNOW many of you can relate. I really hate to get rid of something BEFORE I've had a chance to make it into something else. The joy is in the transformation itself!!
Maybe I need to take a lesson from the birds, Just look at them. They don't have a possession in the world and they are taken care of so well, aren't they?

Isn't he so beautiful?

Still enjoying the lights on the house at night. I think the icicle lights are soooo beautiful!! We still have lots of snow and it keeps snowing little bits almost every day. So beautiful!! Was so good to get out to church this morning. We helped take down decorations there too and pack them away for another year. After lunch then went by Walmart to pick up a few items and of course I found a few Christmas items that were 75% off!!! I couldn't just walk out empty-handed could I? So, I managed to pick up a few little things here and there to add to my already overflowing decorations. I am afflicted!!! Is there any hope for me??

I pray that the New Year will bring each of us a sense of His presence inside us and guide us into how much is enough.
Blessings, Linda


  1. I am so sorry you were so sick!
    I am glad to know you are better though
    The pics are stunning... we have a blue bird and a cardinal in our yard too! I love to watch them!
    Many Blessings

  2. Oh I am so sorry you got sick before Christmas. I know that was so sad for you. I am glad that you are feeling better now and will get to be with the family soon. Better later than never. The pics of the birds and your home are all gorgeous. Have a very Blessed and Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your home is beautiful... and that tree is stunning.. I love the draping beads... all of it really. Sorry you are or were sick.. that stinks. Love the birds too! so sweet!

  4. Your photos are beautiful - really like the bird pictures. Sorry you have been sick and hope you are much better now. I have delayed holiday get togethers many times due to family work schedules/illness/etc.