Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year dear friends!!!!! I hope this past year had been one to reflect, learn, and give thanks for, as we all look on a clean, fresh, piece of paper to write another chapter on!!
Remember when you were young and you got a clean fresh piece of pretty paper to create a work of art on in school? I was always so excited to see what I could transfer from my mind onto that piece of paper. Our lives are so much like that, we are all artists!!! First, we are inspired by a dream of something, and then we sketch it out on paper for just the right proportions before we begin to color it in with the colors we love best. We also have the "Master Creator" to help shape, mold, and color our design. Our lives are filled with these little masterpieces that we and the Father create together. Sometimes He tells us to "go ahead" and do what we want, and sometimes he whispers gently in our ears to let him take over and watch him work, and we are amazed at his handiwork, his knowledge and skill to bring out just what we dreamed of!!!
May you all know the feeling of creating with the "Father" as your teacher as you paint in the colors of your life.
It has been now nearly a year since my first post, and I have so enjoyed this journey on paper!!!. To meet so many new friends and women who "get me". I have drawn confidence from that, to know that I am not alone and not as weird as I sometimes feel in this world. So many kindred spirits that I would have never known, had it not been for taking that first step of putting it on paper. I am so grateful for Dawn at The Feathered Nest for guiding and encouraging me to try even when I didn't know what I was doing. In many ways, I still don't know what I am doing, but I sure am having a good time!!! Thank you for all of your kind comments to me to inspire and encourage me. I really appreciate each one of you who have taken the time to leave me a little comment here and there.
May we all look forward to 2010 with creative anticipation of what we will create together!!

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  1. Dear sweet Linda, that's why I love blogging too!!! So many dear kindred spirits are here, cheering one another on and lifting each other up! I'm so very glad you are here and wanted to wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy new year ~ hugs and love, Dawn