Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!!

Hello my friends!! It's been a while since I've posted. I have been sooooo busy!! You see, last week I began my medical transcription intership!!. Oh my, it has been overwhelming at times, but slowly I am getting the hang of it all! There are so many new things to learn besides the acutal transcription work, but I am hanging in there!! I really do find it interesting and am glad I will be able to work from my home. I did take time out last Thursday to host our miniature club Christmas party. We had soup, salad and all the trimmings with toffee browies and frozen custard for desert. It was so good!! There were girls in the kitchen and the diningroom. Thought I would share pictures with you!!

Sorry, this picture was dark and a little blurry too!! After our lunch it was time for our annual "mini" gift exchange!! Everyone makes a miniature gift to give and exchange. This year there were some beautiful items created, so I thought I would show you some pictures of these tiny works of art!!!

First up a tiny tussie mussie and tree ornament made by Blossom. She made it for her granddaughter to bring and exchange, so Blossom made two gifts. Isn't it sooo sweet?? Blossom LOVES any thing pink!! You should see her magnificent dollhouse!!!

See the tassel?

Minature quilt and matching pillows made by Allana. She has some new quilt program on her computer and she can PRINT out these gorgeous designs!!! She said she can make a design from anything. This one is in colors of blue and yellow. Gorgeous !!

These little wreaths were made by me. A larger pine wreath in greens, reds, and ivory, and a smaller bead wreath like the ones everyone is making this year in full size.

Blossom again made this tiny silk purse with lace and tiny, tiny pink crystals and pearls. Isn't it exquisite?? Also, the tiny ornament to go on MY tree. Yes, this is the gift that I drew!!! I was thrilled!!!

A very tiny Candy - Cookie tree made by Charlsia. The cookies and candies are made of tubes of fimo clay which are formed in a design in tiny pieces. Then the larger piece is rolled out to become a very small cylinder. The design stays, and then the pieces are sliced off with a razor blade. This is the same technique that hard candy maker of old used. Soooooooo sweet!!!

Joann sculpted this tiny fairy!! She is about 5 inches long! She is made from oven-bake clay and handpainted. The wings are from a pheasant she said. Isn't she beautiful? WOW so impressive!!

This little bed was not actually a gift in the exchange, but a sample of an upcoming class taught by Allana. Isn't it so beautiful?

A tiny arbor for a winter vignette made by the talented Debbie. What wonderful addition to any dollhouse landscape this would be!!!!

Tiny chest filled with Christmas wrapping supplies and so cute!!!! Well, now I'm embarrassed!!. I made a list of who brought what but forgot to check it twice!!! so I can't give the artisan credit where credit is due. But narrowing it down, this precious little chest was made by either Carol or Lyn.

Little Miss Candy cane dressed by Joyce. She used a little doll she got at Dillards that was an ornament. Redressed her and worked on her hair. She also makes the little bears out of pipe cleaners. Her little red shoes are made from some kind of plastic tape. She is soooooo precious, isn't she?

I scanned this old postcard to share with you.

As well as this precious old card. It is tiny. Didn't scan as detailed as I would have liked, but isn't it beautifull?
May every one of you in this wonderful family of Bloggers know the perfect peace that only Jesus himself can bring to your hearts. May you make wonderful memories this Christmas with all those you love.
It is snowing like crazy here right now, so we will be having a white Christmas for sure!!! Our children, all but one family, hope to come to celebrate with us on Saturday, so that means I still have another day to "get everything done"! I am keeping food simple this year and no one will mind. We always eat way too much anyway.!!!!
Warm Christmas Blessings to you all, Linda
and many thanks to all of you for blessing my life through your blogs and comments this year.!!!


  1. Looks and sounds like a good time for all! So many talented mini artisans.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Wow such talent and I am partial to the wreath...I am amazed at the talent! Your home looks gorgeous and makesme miss you all the more!
    Happy New Year my special friend!