Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bring on the pansies!!!

Well, this is my house, no not today, but very soon, I hope!! Today, we are socked in with heavy fog all day and another 6 inches of the white stuff on the ground!! I just can't think about it anymore. So, I am looking at my gardening books and magazines and dreaming of warmer days to come!
Soon, I will be hearing the frogs in the pond across the road, the first sign of Spring to me. I love that sound!! I am hoping my ground cover will be a bit more prolific this Spring in the Secret Garden, and there is a rumor afoot that there might actually be electricity hooked up this lovely fountain!! Wouldn't that be wonderful? I have a hard time keeping the rabbits from eating everything I plant in this area, but I keeping persevering!!

Would love to have a bunch of ferns take hold under the trees here.

Easter comes late this year, which I think will be so nice as all those cute little Easter outfits might actually be seen without the coats which cover them up so often here!!!
Thought you might enjoy seeing one of my miniature Easter baskets. They are such fun to make!!
Hope you have all had an enjoyable and restful weekend. Lets all think about all the things we want to plant. Yes, the SUN WILL come out tomorrow and Spring will arrive again.!!

Singing His Praises,


  1. Beautiful House! and Yes, We need to get ready for Spring! Blessings , Blanca

  2. Your home is so pretty. Your Easter egg is adorable - nice job. The temps are up and down like a yo yo here. 70's yesterday and 50's today, and back down in the 30's tonight. So will be a while before any planting is done here also.

  3. Linda, your home is so pretty! Thank you for the encouraging words on my post! I think when we eat what we are intended to eat, everything God made in the way it was, that's the best thing for our bodies. Your pictures make me dream of spring!

  4. Beautiful! And yes, I think we all have our gardening books out and none of us want to see the white stuff until next year!
    Blessings today

  5. Hi there - I just found your blog through Rebecca's... I am new too. Much newer than you. You have a gorgeous house! Wow - your garden and beautiful things are so inspirational.
    Have a great day - and welcome spring!
    ps - love the music! It actually jump started my morning when the coffee didn't. (Oh happy day)

  6. Very pretty Easter Egg! And your gardens are lovely. I know about those very hunger bunnies. Cute but they devour my plants too!

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  8. What a beautiful home! I hope your New Year is bright and blessed!

  9. Oh my Gosh Linda! I'm just finding your blog and can't wait to spend time looking around more. What a beautiful home you have!
    I already knew you had such talent in creating but wow! Please, please, please, blog more!
    Miss you my Peep!

  10. Hi enjoying your blog. This is fun isn't it? I noticed you have a playlist and they stopped on us. so found the and not as user friendly but we can have tunes anyway. Hope this helps and will follow your blog. xo