Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreaming of Spring decorating

I am soooooo ready for Spring and all that comes with it!! Would you believe these are my bookcase shelves that I did last Spring and liked them so much, I just left them up all year!! It is balmy here today, a little windy and overcast, but still a pleasant change from the Artic expresses that we have had this winter in Kansas.

Love my little sheep collection and I am ready for Easter, arent I? I am way ahead of the game this time, ha. I am so pathetic. We have been working on so many projects (downstairs) in the last few months, my house (upstairs) has suffered. But, I am NOT giving up. I will keep preserving with my ideas and brain storms to make our home as welcoming as I can. It is me, I can't help myself!! I have found that working at home has made me even more of a homebody than I was before though, and that is not necessarily a good thing!

Sometimes, I have to make myself go get groceries. After I am out, I am fine and could go all day, it is just the want to. ha. I am spending too much time in my grubs with my hair undone, I guess. Any ideas from any of you who work at home?

Have been going through closets and drawers little by little as I plan to have a huge garage sale this spring. I just have WAY too much stuff and I am finding that I cannot keep it clean if I display it. That, and I am finding that my taste is changing a little and I am liking things a bit more streamlined I guess. BUT, it is NOT NEARLY AS MUCH FUN as my usual weekly trips to the Goodwill store!!! I still indulge every now and then, ha.

Hope it won't be long before we can really get out and enjoy being outdoors, planting flowers, etc.

There I go again with all my plans!! Lets see, I would like a new bed in the back yard, a brick walk, a little privacy screen for the trashcan, a little patio area off the deck, some new bushes in the back beds, more roses, a new bed in the front, a fountain in the secret garden............

Have fun with your ideas, girls, we have to keep our husbands busy so they won't be bored, right?

Singing His Praises,



  1. Have not seen you around in a while! I could write a post almost identical to yours. The only difference - You are getting your things done, and we are not having the artic temps.:D Like the doll house, I started decluttering and just stopped - tired of fooling with it I guess.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. looks so pretty, so ready for warm weather to stay. lets get together and do lunch soon.

  3. A little bit of year round springtime is good for the soul!

  4. Hello Linda
    Everything looks so pretty... I especially love the sheep too, I have a small collection myself.
    Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  5. Saw your comment at Rebecca's A Repurposed Life and thought I would come say hi to a sis in Christ!

    Oh I adore your lamb collection! I have 3 which does constitute a collection but a very meager one at that!

    Love all your vignettes!

    bee blessed

  6. Me too! I'm going to be out in the yard all day today, the weather is finally ready, and I want the gardens pretty for birdsong!