Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back to blue and green, my first love.

Hi friends, I hope you are all having a great month!! I have been spending a lot of time taking down all the Christmas and then trying to reorganize and accessorize as I go.  It is a slow but enjoyable process and one that I am relishing these days.  It is very cold in Kansas right now and I don't have much desire to leave the house anyway.

For Christmas, I had a lot of my red and white transferware out to go along with everything.  What I have the most of is blue and white, and usually have most of it in the diningroom, but it is OVERFLOWING, I decided to use it in the kitchen too with my green.  I just love blue and green together, don't you?  Seems like green is really making a comeback also.  GREEN is my favorite color and is kind of an anchor color in my home.  It really serves as a great neutral in decorating and you can change it up with the addition of so many other color combinations.  And, I find it so peaceful.....

I am enjoying a new plate rack to the right of the stove that I got from Nell Hill's this last fall on a fun shopping trip to Atchison.  What a treat that store is!!

Someday I have beadboard wallpaper to put in the back of the the glass door cabinets.  I just need to make the time to get it done.  I keep realizing that is the key, is just deciding to go ahead and do it and cross it off my list, one of the things I hope to do better this year.

See the Moon and Stars green candy dish in the background..... it was my mother's and now it is mine to love.  We always had a batch of hard candy in it at Christmas, a special childhood memory.  We lost my mom this last summer, it still seems hard to believe.  I find myself thinking that  I need to call her just about every week.  

This area is totally different than it has been during the eight years we have lived here.  I did have a country possum belly hutch here, but is seemed to really crowd the space.   The fake mantel came from some very dear and precious friends of ours who found it in an old house they purchased and did not want it.  I gladly took it off there hands...;))) and have enjoyed it since the late 70's.  I added the shutter doors over the opening.  The empty frame above I have had forever also.  I think it is part of an old game table.  I just washed it with the off white paint.
Oh, and I have some cool fabric to make new window toppers, also on the list!!

This is how this area looked for Christmas:

What is missing in this picture is a wreath around the Santa head.  I never got that accomplished, oh well, there is always next year, right?  

I found the cache pot at a garage sale this fall and already had the pedestal, I think they look lovely together. For Christmas, I had paperwhites in it and it looked so pretty.

This little bookcase sits on a larger cabinet and is always fun to decorate for any holiday.  I had a few of my smaller Santas in it along with the dishes.

Now, it looks like this:

That is my blue and green story for the kitchen.

Next up, I am totally going through my art studio that has been absolutely neglected for the last two years!!  Hoping to be spending a lot more time in there creating in the coming months, but oh my it is really a process...but I'm getting there......

Thanks for visiting special friends!!  It feels good to have a little change of scene and things freshened up doesn't it?

Till next time,

I'll be singing His Praises,
Blessings, Linda

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  1. Your kitchen is sooo beautiful!!!!! And all your decorations too.
    Glad your back to blogging again :)

  2. Oh, I'm totally in love with your kitchen! It's gorgeous. I love that beautiful vent hood over your stove. Love seeing all of your deChristmasing! I'm still turning around and seeing something I've left out! :)
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. You have a beautiful home. It's warm and cozy and yet perfectly orderly and pristine. A real life dollhouse!! I love it!

  4. Hi Linda
    You have been busy and your efforts have paid off, everything looks wonderful. I need to make a trip to the paint store and start on some long neglected rooms but I am waiting for some energy... ha!
    The family room needs a redo and that is going to be a huge job so I am procrastinating. Thank you so much for your encouragement it was so appreciated.
    Many blessings to you

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