Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A "little" bit of Spring!!

I'm dreaming of Spring already..... but in miniature!!  It is my turn to lead the project for our local miniature club this month.  This project has been a little bit of a challenge for sure.  See the little dome scene with the bird?.......yeah, that's my project!!  Pretty cute, don't ya think?  I have had this project in my mind for quite some time but had to figure out a way to do it.

I have two prototypes for the class.

One of the domes has a little white bird and one has a bluebird.  They are both made on a little metal platter and set under a dome.  The dome is about 1 1/8th inches tall and is the cut off end of a glass test tube.  Oh my, this was the hard part!!  I had several of these tubes that had held vintage beads.  My wonderful man offered to try to cut them.  Well, I think he got six or seven out of the bunch I had, so then I ordered new test tubes.  These were a whole different ball game to cut and we ruined many of the fifteen I had.  The last seven I took to a glass shop and they managed to get six done.  I sure need to discover the secret of how to cut a glass tube!

Anyway after all the glass cutting, came the making of many, many tiny Sculpey eggs and the little birds.  I am talking tiny folks!!  

Since they were so Springy, I decided to stage vignette with them with some of my miniature pieces.  Hubby took some pics of a not-very-great-looking me, playing with these tiny things.

Pardon that "tired" look in my eyes, I spent the night dealing with a toothache!!.  Saw the dentist this a.m. and got antibiotics, hopefully that will be the end of it, otherwise, a root canalllllllll!!!!!!!!!! 

The Spring Hutch was made in a Lisa Engler class several years ago.  Some of the items were provided in the class and some things are mine.  The little table is a Karen Markland piece,  I LOVE anything Karen Markland does!!.  The Easter basket is my creation as is the little vintage flower seed box.

This little box is one of my favorite things.  It was a club project of mine as well.  We all take turns and usually do one project a year.

It feels good to be creating again.  It has been a rough couple of years.  My job as medical transcriptionist was so very stressful for such pitiful pay, I finally gave it up even though I was doing very well at it.  I love the field but just could not tolerate the feeling of continually being on call and never knowing how long each day I would be working.  
So then, I got my real estate license to work with my husband.  I love "all things HOME" and help with staging homes for sale and have had good results.  We do open houses together and work on marketing ideas.  It is fun to do it together.  He has been doing real estate for 11 years now after retiring from his job with AT&T.

My mother passed away in June and I was able to be with her the whole week before, which was such a blessing.  So then, it was a long summer, cleaning, sorting, and repairing the house to get it on the market.  It just last week was sold and closed.  

 Life just sometimes comes in waves and we just have to take a breather and get our bearings again, at least I do, so that is what explains my absence from blogging for quite a while.  It feels good to touch base with you all again and hear from you!!  I read my blogs everyday, you all bring me so much happiness and inspiration.

So, hope you enjoyed my "little" glimpse of Spring.  It is snowing here again today!!  This is round two of some whopper storms, although this last go round has not been as bad where we are.  Kansas City got walloped!!  But, since we have been in a drought situation here for the last two years, the snow is such a BLESSING!! and we are so thankful for it!!

Thanks for listening sweet friends!!

Till next time, I am singing His praises.



  1. So amazing and all so beautiful! I just visited one of my blog friends who posted some of her sweet miniatures. Do you know Susan @http://writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com/2013/02/mini-bakerycandy-shop-update.html

    I am going to head back and give her your link.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. This is such a darling post. Such a sweet tiny world. That bird nest looks almost impossible to make!

  3. Hi Linda! I'm so impressed with your tiny little cloches - they are just adorable. I love seeing these tiny little miniatures you've made. What a darling little vignette too. Hope the meds take care of your tooth problem. I've had so many root canals! Ugh! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Hi Linda! Well, poop! I typed a long comment to you and when I hit publish it said there was an error! :) I love your little cloches and hope your meds take care of your tooth problems. If you get the first comment, I hope you do, you'll be reading kinda of a repeat! Puters! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Oh my goodness! Your pictures are AMAZING! How do you get that beautiful bokeh in the background? Thank you so much for inspiring me today!


  6. You are so right... your life can go along as it always has and then BAM! the roller coaster can start and it's some wild ride. I know. I have been through this spell myself and you just have to remind yourself that all of this is in God's hands and not yours. That's the tough part. Letting go and letting God! My heart goes out to you with all your situations and the loss of your mom and dealing with closing her house. It can be so painful. Thank heavens you and your husband are bonded together and creating a living together! With your talent, I'm sure those houses look so warm and inviting and don't stay on the market for long! Take care.....