Monday, March 2, 2009

Fabric Collage Bible Cover

Happy March everyone!! I thought I would show you my latest project. For many years I have intended to make a cover for my Bible that was more to my liking than the commercial ones available today. They just didn't seem to be ME. So the other day I decided it was time to do it and forget about the laundry, house cleaning, etc. that is all around me. It seems I usually pick work instead of fun. I NEED TO GET OVER THAT!!! Ha. Anyway, I used some cream-colored twill that I had. It was fairly heavy and yet soft enough to sew through by hand with a needle and thread. I measured my Bible laid out flat for the dimensions and added about 1/2 " around the edges, plus another about 1/2" to the width dimension so it would have a little ease to fold closed. Then I decided how big I wanted the inside panel to be. It can only be the size of the top and bottom of your Bible. Then add enough another inch for seam allowance and hemming on one side. Then I added pockets for the inside also. They went up a little beyond half-way. I hemmed the tops of these and added a piece of old crocheted trim I had. You could use so many things for this.

On the front I used a old gold-lace border from something I had. I stamped a scripture on a smaller piece of fabric and glued this inside my gold frame and trimmed it out with small braid trim and small lace. I glued 4 velvet leaves to each corner. On top of these, I stitched 4 large mother-of-pearl buttons and a smaller lavender bead.

Down the spine of the cover, I wrote another favorite scripture on twill tape and stitched it on.
Then I sewed all the layers together and included a strip of another crochet trim to use as a closure to button on the back. After I was sure it all fit my Bible, I started whip stiching the rest of the crocheted trim around all the edges. I did this with the Bible in it so I would be sure to only get one thickness of fabric in my needle. It was stitched down the midddle so it was half on the book and half off.

Another large button, a pin, a cross and a locket were then added as well. I wish my picture had turned out better. Jewelry findings and charms were added at the top. It wasn't hard at all, but did take a little time. I think it turned out pretty well. OH, do you see that the trim in the left hand side of the "V" at the bottom doesn't line up? I fixed that later! Ha. It was fun to do something for me for a change and not for an order or a gift. Maybe you could come up with ideas too. I would love to hear from you! Happy creating, I have pictures coming up soon of my newly organized art studio.!!!

Enjoy the creative talents God has given you.

Blessings to you all, Linda

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