Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Improved Art Studio

Could you create in this? What a mess and totally uninspiring!! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to FIX it! The following pictures show the transformation. Of course, a lot of it was just putting things where they belong! Ha. I thought I would share my make-over with all of you at Jen's Make-over Open House.
After painting most of my furniture, nothing good, mostly lamintate stuff, it made such a change.

Still trying to decide to paint my sewing machine cabinet also. I'm thinking, yes.

Made skirts to cover up the messes under the tables. $1.00 a yd. at Walmart.

A recent find at the Goodwill, $2.50. Needlepoint and brown velvet. Beautiful!!1

This my storage closet. I need to re-organize it a bit, too.

I decided to use a spool cabinet I had been using as a jewelry box to store other small items as well. I have almost filled it up! Amazing how much I got in it, though.

I cut wallpaper strips and pasted them on the outside of these plastic drawers. I looks pretty good. There are more pics on the next post also.Thanks for visiting. It's so fun to see all the other make-overs !!
Be Blessed, Linda


  1. It looks great! Thanks so much for joining in on the party! Jen

  2. You've inspired me to clean and organize my studio/closet. Everything looks great and makes for a relaxing creative space.

    Have a happy day


  3. Doesn't it feel good to primp the art nest? I really like your hankie valance over the window, and little curtain cover on the tables... you can hide a ton of stuff under tables! The cabinet beneath the paint...."Royal Society" maybe a thread cabinet? Love this. My problem with cleaning the art nest is that I always want to work in the nice clean space, but then I have a mess again!