Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Re-decorated Art Studio

Hi everyone, Hope you are enjoying these first few days of Spring. We are finally getting to see glimpses of Spring around here. It seems like it has been a long winter to me. I decided it was time to get my art studio looking more like "Me" as opposed to just a room with my worktable and supplies in it. When we moved into our house in late 2004, I was lucky just to get it all in one room without it looking pretty, as there was still a lot of finish work to be done (our job) and I couldn't justify taking that much time with my room. Anyway, in January I started moving out furniture one wall-at-a time and repainting a Spring Green and at the same time, painting the furniture, mostly laminate stuff from the eighties, off white. It was really tight quarters as my room is not all that large. I do however have a wonderful walk-in closet to store all the ugly stuff! ha! I suppose I have way too many interests, but it keeps me happy and on track emotionally if I can just go somewhere and "make something" . I'm sure you all know what I mean. So, this is the first wall as you come in the door. It is a laminate countertop sitting on two old sewing machine stands. Since this picture, I have made a skirt to fit under the lip to hide the unpresentables. My rack for the scrapbook paper was found at the Goodwill-2.98! SCORE! This surface is great to paint or glue on because you can easily wash it all off.

This little cabinet is a curio cabinet I bought from a good friend when she had to move her parents out of their home. It is perfect for my miniature stuff that has yet to find a permanent home. It is sitting on a little chest end table.

Then I have a stack of three drawers with various materials beside my sewing machine cabinet. This is the one piece, I still need to get painted. Then, the closet door. The clock I made from the plastic top from one of those cardboard table thingies, (from the seventies probably) I painted it and decoupaged wrapping paper pieces on it, then crackled it. The clock fit easily inside the back lip. The beautiful quilt was given to me by a special friend when we moved away. It is a treasure and she picked the very colors that I had in mind for my room. Coincidence? I don't think so. Thanks, Gayle!

A painted plastic thing with velvet glued on and painted plastic cherub (from the cake decorating shop.

This is the facing wall of the room. My husband made shelves to hang over top of this 3 drawer chest, from a hospital sale. On top, my little glass house of miniature dolls, a beaded lamp, an apothecary jar with white shell buttons, and three stacking boxes from Hobby Lobby.
My miniature General Store and Victorian Bedroom Room boxes sit on the shelves.

Then, this is my favorite workspace, sitting in front of two large windows that face southwest. It is wonderful to bask in the sunshine there on a winter afternoon. I love it. My work table was a find at the Goodwill. I has a laminate top somewhat messed up but I can deal with it and most everything will clean off that I get one it. I made a skirt for this table also. The table cost me $25.00.

I have white blinds on these windows, but I like them all the way up and decided to use some of my vintage hankies as a valance. They are just clipped on . May do something different in the future, but for now, it suits me just fine.

Oops, this pic is out of order. Anyway, one the other side of my worktable, I have an old thread cabinet. ( I'll show you it in more detail in a later post). Then, another white 3-drawer hospital chest. My TV sits on this and a stack of wallpapered boxes as well as a wicker mannequin a friend gave me. Then, those eighties bookcases on each side of a butcher block table holding my sorely neglected dollhouse. I really need to get it finished up. I did decide to paint it a plum color. It looks lighter in this picture. The bookcases hold lots of stuff as you might imagine.

A few dried roses from a recent bouquet. They are Sterling Silver, we used that kind in our wedding. They are so beautiful!

The little red box is my collection of miniature Santas. I make Santa Dolls also.

This is back to the counter where we began.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. It has been fun to fix it up like I wanted to. I will show you some more pictures later. This is Sunday. We had such a good lesson this morning about how the Lord is leading us all through the desert to the Promised Land. We have His Word and His Spirit inside us to show us the way, so be brave and take the next step, He is there to help you.
Be Blessed Dear Friends,



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  2. Hi Linda!!! I just LOVE your studio!!!! I can't believe it but you have two wall units like I have! Well, they're quite similar anyway ~ I painted mine a cream color as well. I love them lighter like that. I love seeing all of the different ways that you've stored your goodies. The spool cabinet is AMAZING!! I'm still working on my room, it seems to be taking me forever. I'm getting in the mood to create so I'm going to have to hurry!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog ~ wishing you a wonderful Sunday, xxoo, Dawn